We pay the best.

On time.

Every month.

Payments are made each month on the 25th and at month-end.

Together, these two payments make up agents’ TOTAL monthly payment.

Agents are paid for Activations from the month before (eg. Activations in June, are paid in July).

25th Payment

  • R30 per Activation (REAL Customers)
  • R10 per REWIND Activation (the Activation of any sim that’s older than 1 yr)

Month-end Payment

Bonuses are paid based on TOTAL Activations as per the sliding scale below

Total Paid per activation Paid per port

See how much you could earn by editing the below values

Rewind Activations
25th Payment
Rewind Activations
25th Total
Month-end Payment
Month-end Total
1st Recharges:
We don't pay for a 1st recharge. We pay for sims that have activated AND are REAL customers. A 1st recharge does not guarantee an activation. Not all 1st recharges become activations in the same month or in months after the 1st recharge.

An activation is a sim that has recharged AND used (spent) the required amount of airtime within the required number of months (different per network). A REAL customer means the sim is used by a real person, who continues to use and recharge the sim on a regular basis after an activation has been reached.

PLEASE NOTE: It can take time for a sim to activate as the customer needs to recharge enough airtime/data AND use it all. This can take a few months depending on how much the customer uses the sim. A sim can activate in 1 month OR 2 months OR 3 months OR 4 months etc. It just depends how quickly the customer RECHARGES and USES the airtime/data. .

Below is an example of a sim that takes 3 months to active (in this example it did not recharge and use enough to activate in month 1 or month 2):

Month 1Month 2Month 3TotalMonth 4
Sim Recharges
1st Recharge
Sim Recharges
Sim Recharges
Sim continues to recharge
Sim Uses R5Sim Uses R10Sim Uses R15Used R30Sim continues to use
Sim Activates in Month 3Activation Paid in Month 4 (on the 25th)
See full T&C's.



Not only do we pay the best, we also award our agents with more money as Rewards Points!
Our agents can earn Reward Points (1RP = R1) for:

  • Their performance (3*+ Star Rating)
  • FastTrack orders (placed on USSD or my.awesim)
  • Delivery confirmations (when they receive their order)
  • Competitions (Personalised Recharged sims targets per network, each month)
  • Leaderboards (Top Performing National, Provincial, Male and Female Categories)

These Reward Points can be redeemed for items like these that support our agents to grow their business:

  • Devices
  • Audio
  • Electronic
  • Accessories
  • Agent Uniform
  • Promo Equipment
  • AWESIM Branded
  • CELL C Branded
  • MTN Branded
  • VODACOM Branded
  • AWESIM Health